Here Comes The Judge

For much of my life I was an unpleasantly judgmental person. I'd shoot a glance at someone from afar. I noticed their garb, their appearance, their aura, synthesize it all and without hesitation, as the sound of a gavel banged inside my head, I passed judgement. I know, there is nothing unique about noting first … Continue reading Here Comes The Judge

Looking For Love In All the Wrong 140 Spaces

Good morning. I wanted to share a piece I just posted on Medium. The article looks at my temptuous relationship with Twitter of late and how I am trying to change it. How Twitter Helped Me Avoid Authenticity Please give it a read if you have time and are so inclined. And share it! Thanks … Continue reading Looking For Love In All the Wrong 140 Spaces

The Sounds of Silence

It is Sunday morning and William Shakespeare's birthday. Yesterday Washington was host to a passionate march for science. Though I support the cause, I am extremely uncomfortable in crowds so I observed from afar while tweeting solidarity. I began today with a three-mile walk. Still brisk out, barely 50°, few people were up and about … Continue reading The Sounds of Silence

Rainy Days and Mondays…

This weekend delivered both the good and the challenging. The good was one of my tweets was featured in the Huffington Post and Esquire. Donald Trump Jr. posted a selfie while wearing a green t-shirt that says "VERY FAKE NEWS," The websites posted articles highlighting photoshopped versions of the image, including my effort. Since I write … Continue reading Rainy Days and Mondays…