My Apology

A lovely quote by Groucho Marx, I apologize for not providing an update on what I’ve been up to and why I stopped posting. It isn’t you. It is me. 

So, why did I stop posting? I guess the good news is there was no catastrophe or event that prevented me from doing so. Nor was it inertia. I felt my posts were becoming redundant. The reason I began this blog was to chronicle my experiences in my new chapter. My goal was to structure each post in a way that would be entertaining and perhaps reassure some of you that you’re not alone in the experiences you may be experiencing on your own journey.

After almost a year, I’ve tried to be honest about many of the challenges I have faced in my new chapter. I’ve tried to be open about my vulnerabilities, my successes and my disappointments. I became worried I was rephrasing many of the same challenges and experiences I had written about more than once or twice.

In addition, I decided to focus solely on my fiction. I stopped contributing to The Elephant Journal, Medium, and other publications. As much as I enjoyed reaching new audiences and share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way, my singular focus is now on my fiction and so I decided to move peripheral pursuits to the periphery.

And then there’s my easily distracted nature. For a while I became obsessed with Twitter and spent a ridiculous amount of energy, creating content and posting under my “real” name. I experienced some success – 3000 followers, one of my photoshopped images was picked up HuffPo, Mashable, Esquire, etc. The instant gratification the medium provided me was addictive. I’d create content… from words, to images, whatever, and immediately people would like and share, with me checking every two minutes. I occasionally rationalized the amount of energy I was putting into the medium but telling myself, it is writing, with its own style, grammar, limits, etc. While I guess that is sort of true, Twitter is definitely not the medium that I want to be known for when all is said and done.

So I stopped. Completely. I haven’t tweeted in almost three months. What I did and what I’m doing, is either writing. Or reading. In fact, I think I will use this space moving forward to share some thoughts on what I’m reading, which I hope some of you find enjoyable and even interesting.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges I’ve had with the site is not being able to use my real name. When I started I didn’t want to upset my immediate family. I don’t regret my choice for that reason. I just find it unpleasant to maintain a fictitious persona and would rather not.

For these reasons, I simply stopped posting without warning, or explanation. I apologize for that. It wasn’t respectful to those of you who have been following my blog, and been so supportive.

So that’s about it, for now. I’ll start writing about some of the books I’ve been reading shortly and we’ll see how that goes.

Until then, keep in touch (more than I can say for myself!).


P.S. Heaven forbid I don’t include a clip. This may be a repeat but that’s okay too. Be well. 

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