Now Is The Time…

For All Good Men And Women To
Come To The Aid Of Their Country


We are in the midst of a crisis. I’m done sitting on the sidelines.

I have vivid memories of being a teenager and asking my parents how their generation allowed McCarthy to happen.

As my parents explained that they were in college when McCarthy rose to power, young adults who didn’t see how their voices could make a difference,  I nodded, trying not to look judgmental.

While, to myself, I was thinking, “I would have stood up and been heard.”

I’m ready to be heard today and I want to persuade as many people as I can to stand up too.

I will do everything I can to prevent the destruction of the America we have known and loved.

I want to help stop Donald Trump.

If Trump triumphs come November, what we roll our eyes over today, his blatant, unrepentant racism, his admiration of authoritarian tyrants, his dog-whistle advocacy of violence, in retrospect, will be looked back upon as obvious indices of his dark vision for America.

If Trump triumphs, his thin-skinned hatred of free press will manifest in an unprecedented attack on the institution, on the constitution. Trump will create justification to exercise executive power, silencing and jailing those who dare criticize him.

You may, like many, find Hillary Clinton flawed. You have good reason. She is imperfect. Nonetheless, when you separate her real flaws, from those manufactured by a right-wing media machine, falsehoods that have been investigated and repudiated, over and over, Clinton remains an extraordinarily palatable choice compared to the alternative.

I volunteered to work on the Clinton campaign today. That decision was driven by my realization that until this moment, my “contribution” to this epic battle we are in, was posting (somewhat) witty political memes on Facebook.

No longer am I going to sit on the sidelines and worry about my friends who don’t support HRC. As much as I value some of those friendships, and I sincerely do, I am willing to sacrifice them, if that is the consequence of standing up for what I believe. It is a small price to pay when you truly consider what is at stake in this cultural civil war.

And that is exactly what we are in the midst of, a civil war.

The right is intent on fighting the enlightened changes taking place in America.

The right is intent on denying human rights based on sex, on gender preference, on race, on religion. This is not the America I want my children and grandchildren (eventually, no rush for my daughters!) to live in.

When your children, when your grandchildren ask you what you did to prevent a petty, little bully named Donald J. Trump from becoming President of the United States, what will you tell them?

Tell them you enlisted and made a difference. Tell your grandchildren you helped keep America great.

I am.

P.S. I’ll include updates on my volunteering efforts in the blog so remember to follow or check back often!

8 thoughts on “Now Is The Time…

  1. Congrats on getting involved in politics and taking a stand. As someone who has run for political office, I can say everyone who does get involved matters and can have an influence, especially collectively. I agree Trump is not fit to be president and am bewildered that he can be favored over more level-headed candidates such as Kasich.

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    1. Adam,

      I appreciate the thoughts.

      Without getting too deep into an ideological debate, I have trouble accepting Kasich as “levelheaded”. As the father of three daughters, the thought of a governor prioritizing the defunding of Planned Parenthood, particularly when there are so many more pressing issues that need addressing. Strikes me as anything but level headed.

      Granted, in contrast to the Trumps, Cruzes and Rubios out there, he did feel like the default best choice.

      Regardless, I do appreciate the feedback and urge anyone and everyone to stand up for what you believe.




  2. Amazing! Though I am not living in America, I too do not want Donald trump to come to power.
    He is a man so full of himself that he is practically bursting at the seams with self righteousness.
    Thank you so much for taking a stand! I hope yours and many other peoples efforts take fruit!

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