Career Day


When I began this blog I did so as part of three goals I made for myself.

  1. Start writing again
  2. Get in good enough shape for a Provence bike-trip next summer
  3. Full-time employment

I had an interview a couple of days ago with a Human Resources representative for a non-profit organization. They are looking for a marketing director.

I think the talk went well. I’m waiting to hear if I am invited to meet the actual person for whom I’d be working. We’ll see how that works out.

Why is midlife career-hunting miserable?

  1. Self-confidence Unemployed/Self-employed close to a decade, no one sings my praises to me. Nor is anyone bolstering my spirits about the contributions I can theoretically make if hired.
  2. Ch-ch-ch-changes Though the fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed, the proliferation of social media platforms as marketing tools is staggering. Marketing is very, very different today.
  3. Time As much as I would love a job, I won’t settle. I need to work for an organization that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

    How I spend my time is much more important to me than when I was younger.

  4. Money  I suspect my twenty-plus years experience is a detriment when a job description says 8-10 years experience.

    HR managers don’t seem to believe me when I say I’m not there to unseat the Chief Marketing Officer, or more to the point, nor do I expect a CMO’s salary.

  5. Mind-Share I’m not going to get my next job through a career website. Over the years, I’ve applied for scores of jobs, and can count the number of times those online applications have led to actual conversations about the position on two hands. Maybe one.

The only way I’m going to find a job is networking. That means lunch with friends, which I do often. Probably not often enough.

Then it becomes a matter of kismet.

In the BBC series, ‘Sherlock,” first episode, ‘A Study in Pink,’  Dr. John Watson converses with med-school classmate, Mike Stamford. Watson casually mentions he can’t afford to live in London on his Army pension. Stamford tells Watson he’s the second person that day who told him he needs a London flatmate.

That’s kismet. Fate. Destiny. That’s elementary.

When you add it all together the “right place, right time” paradigm is pretty daunting. Not impossible to imagine, but it takes an optimistic outlook.

That’s where I am right now.

The non-profit job hit my radar because Linda, a good friend who’s been extremely supportive through my transition, saw the job post, has a friend connected to the organization. That’s how I snagged my interview.

I know that even if this job doesn’t work out, there will be other positions and eventually I’ll put a check mark next to my job goal.

But for now, if you’ll excuse me, time to hit the gym in preparation for next summer.

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