I Got Better

It occurred to me that my first two posts were somewhat bleak, to say the least. In my introduction, I said I would share the spectrum of my thoughts in my new life, not just the pain. Hence a bonus post today.

After my experience in Paris, I walked around Reykjavik for a day in a half, in a daze, partly due to my circadian clock being out of kilter, but more so due to feeling pretty shitty about myself.

As I walked I seriously considered quitting the group therapy I participate in, as well as my individual therapy. I was feeling pretty low, to say the least.

On the day I arrive back in DC, I began my usual morning routine and sat down at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and routinely, a pleasant conversation with a Starbucks friend who I’ve come to appreciate over the three plus months since moving to the neighborhood.

We discussed my trip and I explained how tough it had been and then magically, I found myself talking about my goals… focus on my writing, get a full-time job, get in good enough shape to bike ride in Provence next summer.

After coffee, I came back to my apartment and started this blog.

In short, I didn’t go into a spiral. I accepted the pain I was feeling but did not let that pain dominate me.


4 thoughts on “I Got Better

  1. Could post lots of platitudes for your benefit, but will only give you two: Be true to yourself and be kind. Hang in there!


  2. Joel,

    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. I know the first two posts sounded somewhat forlorn, but the truth is, that’s not how I’m feeling at all. In fact, I honestly feel like this blog is a really positive step for me. And I believe I’ll eventually get my relationship with my daughters to the place where it should be. I just have to be patient.

    In the meanwhile, “follow” the blog if you like it and please feel free to share it.


  3. I absolutely support your goals but the look one. We have a saying…who loves me will love me and if I’m 100 kilos heavy with no teeth 😉 😉 What matters is that YOU feel good in your own skin so…..if it will make you happier go for it as well. BUT as you explained small steps and habits…you are motivational!!! ( I am as thin as a rake, I might do not skip big breakfasts) you see? ( But I do not give a hoot about the weight but surely need to exercise more, quit smoking..) Uhhhh small pleasures 😉 😉


    1. It wasn’t necessarily “look” as much as getting more physically fit. I think I will actually have a better perspective if I am fit.

      It will make me happy to lose some weight (and have teeth!)

      I love your thoughts! (Who told you about small pleasures for heaven’s sake??)


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